Applying to BUSP

The application for BUSP is now closed.

The next application period will open in May, 2018.

Instructions to complete the BUSP application:

You will need:

  • Your UC Davis Student ID
  • Your UC Davis e-mail address, an alternate e-mail address, and a mobile phone number
  • Your Entry Level Writing Requirement (satisfied/unsatisfied) information. You can find this information in your MyAdmissions portal
  • Your community college transcript (if you attended classes at a community college)
  • Responses to a few brief (200 word maximum) essay questions
  • Information about your parents' highest level of education, and about your educational goals
  • Three multiple choice questions about your learning style and interest in undergraduate research. There are NO wrong answers! How you respond will help us to understand how we might best serve you if you are selected for the program.

You will be able to save your application and update it until the application close time.

The essay questions are as follows. We recommend that you compose your essays in a word processor, and copy/paste them into the application.

  1. Please describe what career you hope to have in the future. Why are you interested in this career? Please include any alternate choices that you may have.
  2. What are your academic strengths and challenges?
  3. What are your personal strengths and challenges?
  4. What adversities have you encountered on your educational pathway and which steps, if any, have you taken to overcome these adversities?
  5. What adversities are you currently facing on your academic pathway?
  6. Why do you want to participate in the BUSP program and how will your participation in the program contribute to achieving your career goals?
  7. How would your participation enhance the BUSP community?

If you are accepted into BUSP:

1. You will need to attend a special BUSP orientation meeting and academic advising sessions that will be held a few days before the start of instruction.

2. You must apply for EOP status. However, if you do not receive EOP status, you will not be disqualified from BUSP. Information about EOP and application information is available here. We encourage you to attend your college's summer orientation, because you’ll get to register for courses earlier than those who don’t attend; acceptance into the EOP program will significantly reduce the fee.

3. Be sure to leave the following times open when you register for classes for the Fall: Tuesday/Thursday 10:30-11:50a OR Monday/Wednesday/Friday 8:00-8:50a. If you are accepted into BUSP, there are mandatory, BUSP-specific courses that meet at those times. You may also be asked to change your course schedule to reflect appropriate pre and/or co Math courses.

4. Please DO NOT register for CHE 2A, CHE 2AH or BIS 2ABC. BUSP students take a Pre-Chemistry intensive in the fall quarter of their first year, followed by CHE 2A in the winter (2B in spring and so on). BUSP students take a pre-BIS intensive in their first year, and begin BIS 2A in the fall of their second year.

BUSP is your official First Year Aggie Connection! These connections engage students in playing an active and informed role in their transition to life at UC Davis.