Applying to CURE


Click here to apply to EEOPs Upper Division Undergraduate Research Programs. With this application you may apply for one or all (BUSP-Honors, ADAR-Honors, BSHARP/MARC, and CURE) of these exciting programs!


Click here for CBS EEOPs Upper Division Research Programs Recommendation Form

Please note that only one recommendation submission is required even if the applicant is applying to multiple EEOP Upper Division Research Programs.

´╗┐Please contact Amy Barlow, via email or at 530-848-9312, if you need assistance with these forms.

Application Information

The EEOP Upper Division Application may be used to apply for the following undergraduate junior and senior programs:

  • BSHARP Biology Scholars Advanced Research Program
  • BUSP Honors Research Program
  • ADAR Honors Program
  • CURE Program for Research in Cancer Biology

If you are an incoming freshman, please complete the application for BUSP.

Completing the EEOP Upper Division Application

To successfully complete this application, you will need the following information:

  • Your UCD ID number;
  • Your current UCD GPA;
  • Number of units completed toward your UCD degree;
  • Recommender name, phone, and email address (we highly recommend that this be your current research mentor if you have one);
  • Description of how program participation will help you attain your career goal(s) (100 words or less);
  • Personal statement (600 words or less), including your background, the area(s) of research that interest you the most, your research experience, your future goals, and your reasons for wanting to pursue these goals;
  • And, if you are currently working in a lab and wish to continue your research there: Your research plan (600 words or less).