BUSP Application

The 2020 BUSP Application has closed. Students will be informed of program admission by late August, 2020. Thank you for your interest!

General Instructions and Important Registration Information

  • Please print these instructions, or copy and paste these instructions into a word processing document for future reference. Even though admissions decisions will not be made by the time you register for classes, in order to ensure a smooth entry into BUSP later, please consider these instructions when you register!
  • We recommend that you compose your essays in a word processor and copy and paste.
  • Your application can be saved and revisited/updated until the application period closes. When you have finished the application, please check the box at the end to certify that your application is complete.

Program Information

This application may be used by incoming first-year students to apply for the Biology Undergraduate Scholars Program (BUSP) only. Please refer to the EEOP website (eeop.ucdavis.edu) for additional information about BUSP and about our upper-division and transfer student programs.

Completing the Application

To successfully complete the BUSP application, you will need the following information:

  • Your UCD ID number;
  • Your UCD email address;
  • Your Entry Level Writing Requirement (satisfied/unsatisfied) information. You can find this information in your OASIS portal; or you can select "unknown" in the options. If you were unable to satisfy the ELWR, you can take introductory English at your local community college over the summer, receive credit for BOTH the ELWR and lower division English at UC Davis (if your community college course will transfer to UC Davis - check assist.org to make sure);
  • A list of your community college courses (if you have taken them) and grades;
  • What is your main motivation for pursuing a degree in science? Please describe what career you hope to have in the future, if you have a clear career goal at this time. Why are you interested in this career? Please include any alternate choices that you may have. (200 words or less);
  • What are your academic strengths? What are your academic challenges? (200 words or less);
  • What are your personal strengths? What are your personal challenges? (200 words or less);
  • Have you encountered any adversities on your educational pathway and if so, which steps, if any, have you taken to overcome these adversities? (200 words or less);
  • Do you anticipate any adversities on your academic pathway at UC Davis? (200 words or less);
  • Why do you want to participate in the BUSP program? How will your participation in the program contribute to achieving your career goals? (200 words or less);
  • How would your participation enhance the BUSP community? (200 words or less).


You must submit this application no later than 11:59pm on June 19, 2020 to be considered for the BUSP program in the 2020-2021 academic year. Late applications will not be accepted under any circumstances, so please be sure to complete your application in a timely manner.

Academic and Registration Instructions (so you can be prepared if you are accepted into BUSP)

  • Please be aware that if you are admitted to BUSP and you are registered for CHE 2A, CHE 2AH or BIS 2ABC that you will be required to drop these courses and add the BUSP PreChemistry Intensive; you will also add a pre or co-Math course. We will assist you with adjusting your courses to reflect the BUSP curriculum. Please be assured that this will not be a problem. BUSP students take a PreChemistry intensive in the fall quarter of their first year, followed by CHE 2A in the winter (2B in spring and so on). BUSP students take a pre-BIS intensive in their first year, and begin BIS 2A in the fall of their second year. You can find more information about the BUSP curriculum at: https://eeop.ucdavis.edu/busp-curriculum.
  • If you are accepted into BUSP, you must apply for Education Opportunities Program (EOP) status (more info and application information available here: https://opportunity.ucdavis.edu/programs/eop ). However, if you do not receive EOP status, you will not be disqualified from BUSP.
  • BUSP is your official First Year Aggie Connection! These connections engage students in playing an active and informed role in their transition to life at UC Davis. See https://opportunity.ucdavis.edu/programs/aggie-connect for more info.
  • Another UCD department will contact you about Math and Chemistry placement exams. Please take both if you can.

Application Timeline:

  • Early May: BUSP application available
  • June 19, 11:59pm: BUSP application submission deadline
  • August 13: BUSP admissions offers sent to UC e-mail addresses
  • August 23: BUSP Contract and schedule adjustment due by 11:59pm.