BUSP Frequently Asked Questions


Can I enter BUSP after beginning my freshman year or as a sophomore?

No. Only incoming freshmen can join BUSP at the beginning of fall quarter. However, eligible Junior and Senior students who are interested in research may join BUSP-Honors, ADAR-Honors, BSHARP/MARC, or CURE without having participated in BUSP.

When do BUSP students take the Introductory Biology Series?

BUSP students take the Introductory Biology Series (BIS 2 Series) in their sophomore year after they have built a solid foundation in mathematics and chemistry. BUSP students are provided with tutoring that is tailored to their needs during the rigorous BIS 2 series.

Do I have to take the BUSP Chemistry Intensive Course even if I qualify for CHE 2A?

Yes, this is mandatory for all BUSP freshmen, regardless of your chemistry placement score or if you have completed AP chemistry in high school. This course significantly enhances BUSP student performance in Introductory Chemistry and is well-worth the investment of time and effort.

What do BUSP students study in the summer following their freshman year?

The last two weeks before classes begin in fall quarter, BUSP students participate in a two week-long Biology Boot Camp to prepare them for the intensive Introductory Biology Series that they will take as sophomores. The focus of Boot Camp is cellular metabolism (covered in BIS 2A) and concepts covered in BIS 2B. This workshop is free for all BUSP students. Biology Boot Camp is required for all BUSP students in the Research Component but is available to all BUSP rising sophomores.


Does it cost money to join BUSP?

No! There is no fee to participate in BUSP.